2006_03_murakaminyu.jpgNYU graduates and their families won't have to take the 7 train for commencement this year, as originally thought: Graduation is set for Washington Square Park once again. NYU had moved graduation to Shea Stadium, because of the Parks Department's planned renovations to the park, but, lo and behold, the renovations are even going to get started until after the May 11 ceremony, so NYU officials worked fast to move back to the Village. NYU students and faculty were hoping that the parks' departments delays would benefit them, but Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe was only able to confirm the delay a few days ago. Arthur Tannenbaum (chairman of the University Senate’s public affairs committee) gives the Washington Square News the money quote: “Being a longtime resident of the Village, it doesn’t surprise me that the Parks Department couldn’t keep to their own schedule." Gothamist wonders if some high power NYU alums made sure the parks department wouldn't be able to start up for this commencement - but this means NYU will probably need to think of alternative commencement locations for the class of 2007, at least.

The Mets will still be in the midst of a road trip during May 11. And this cute image is the new cover of the NYU Bulletin for the School of Continuing and Professional Studies - it's by Takashi Murakami!