The Hipster Grifter herself was duped, and then she turned around and lied to us all. So no, it's not over yet. It seems that Kari Ferrell didn't turn herself in to the Philadelphia Police Department, if one is to believe this musician who claims to have lured her into the hands of the authorities there. His story is a long one, but basically: His band met Miss Ferrell in Brooklyn in December and once they read about her now very public story, they played aloof and got her to come visit Philly. Bandmate Sam Tremble says, "I didn't want Kari to know we were on to her, because I thought I could catch her. I talked with Sgt. Fred Ross in Salt Lake City during this time. He liked my idea, but couldn't encourage me to act on behalf of law enforcement. He said my only option was to call local police when I knew where she was. On Sunday, May 3, she finally agreed to take a bus to Philly." Consider the rest instant karma. Yet Ferrell went on to lie to her newfound press generators in NYC, saying she turned herself in. So there you have it. Currently her extradition hearing is set for May 15th, and her bail is a whopping $250,000.