Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon caused quite a stir last year when he skipped a 9/11 memorial event, arguing that it had become "too politicized." But it seems that the 9/11 memorial foundation now agrees with him: according to AP, Bloomberg's foundation sent a letter to victims' families informing them no politicians would be invited to speak at this year's ceremony. Now, if only they could stop politicians from invoking 9/11 to bash Obama. Or, you know, shut Rudy Giuliani up.

Back in the heady days of 2011, President Obama, former President George W. Bush, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, former Governor George Pataki, Governor Andrew Cuomo, Governor Chris Christie and former Mayor Giuliani all showed up—many of them, along with various officials, made remarks or participated in the ceremony. The foundation's letter says victims' family members will read the names from now on.

But politicians can still watch it on TV, which is where 9/11 made quite impact on the nation—according to a new study by Sony Electronics and the Nielsen television research company, 9/11 was by far the most memorable moment shared by television viewers during the past 50 years. The next two events? Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and the OJ Simpson verdict in 1995. Janet Jackson's classic Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction—the other iconic moment of the 00s—came in at a paltry #26.