A judge has dismissed a former Fox News staffer's suit against the the company's landlord over bed bug bites she got at the office, saying that the building "took extraordinary measures" to keep the bugs out. Jane Clark claims she had to leave her job in 2008 after her coworker's apartment became infested and brought the bugs to work. But Justice Carol Edmead said there was nothing more the building can do. Who's excited for this summer?

Clark sued the building's landlord, not Fox, and the judge said this is the first marked case of an employee suing a landlord over bed bugs. She claimed she suffered PTSD from getting bitten. If you've ever had a middle-of-the-night panic attack thinking that itch on your leg has to be a bed bug and overturning your mattress just to make sure, you can sympathize, but sorry, looks like you can't litigate your way out of a bed bug infestation.