The MTA is really sorry about how trashy the subway has gotten of late and they promise they are going to do something about it. Really! The New York City Transit president Thomas Prendergast even went so far as to call the current situation "unacceptable." He also says the system is in the process of putting a new strategy in place. They've got plans, wheels are in motion, etc., etc.!

"We have to get the trash up and out on a daily basis," Prendergast said after a MTA committee meeting. But they don't always. The News reported yesterday that "MTA garbage trucks and refuse collection trains failed to make scheduled trash pickups at more than 100 stations—every day." And that seems to have shamed the Authority into action (or at least making a statement).

So, in the short term the MTA says it'll put additional metal storage sheds on station platforms so that uncollected trash isn't just lying about, according to a spokesman. In the longterm, they'll be adding additional flatbed cars to the system's refuse trains to increase hauling capacity. Great. Just let's not make any more trash trains, mmkay?