Sophia and Jayden surpassed Isabella and Daniel to become the most popular baby names in NYC, according to the Health Department's annual report [pdf] on infant nomenclature. 872 newborn males were named Jayden (the most popular name for black and Hispanic boys) and 511 newborn females were named Sophia (the most popular name among Asians). Madison became a new favorite for girls born to black families, while Ashley was the most popular girl’s name for Hispanic families. For white babies, Daniel is #1 for boys, and Olivia for girls. And as usual, there were some novelties in the mix.

Among the rarest names chosen for girls (as few as 10) were Armani and Clementine, and the most uncommon boy names included Jeter, Milan, Drake, and Keon. The Health Department attributes Jayden's popularity in part to Will Smith's son, and says celebrities inspired other names such as Angelina (#22), Keira (#105), Mariah (#88), Rihanna (#100), model Giselle (#106) and Orlando (#162)—that last one being pretty much the equivalent of naming your son Sue. Below, a chart breaking down the most popular NYC names by race.