The future has arrived: Motorists in New York City will soon be able to pay parking meters through their cell phones.

In an announcement Thursday, the Bloomberg administration put out a call for developer bids on an App that will allow motorists to pay the city's muni meters through their cell phones or online. The App will allow drivers to look up which spot they're parked in based on a prominently displayed number for each parking spot, and pay immediately through the App. Drivers won't be able to pay for their parking space ad infinitum (once your max time is up, you will have to move), but the app will let you know how much time you have left on the meter.

“By eliminating the need for coins, credit cards or receipts, pay-by-phone parking has already been a game-changer for drivers in the Bronx, and it’s just one way we’ve made parking easier citywide,” DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan said today. “Expanding the system across the boroughs will now help more New Yorkers people dial in for faster, more convenient parking.”

The system has already been tested on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, and is expected to go citywide sometime in 2015.