Given that soon you won't be able to escape the nonstop barrage of images selling you sex and mole removal from jail, it's nice to know that the city is still enforcing an advertising ban in the only place that isn't plastered with a poster for Horrible Bosses: the sidewalk. The Times reports that despite the Sony Corporations's best efforts to cheerily inform us that it's the "Era Of You" around their headquarters on Madison Avenue, the city's DOT slapped them with a cease and desist order for their removal. "The sidewalks are intrinsic public space, and there are very few parts of our city that really are still sacred," a Rudin Center professor at NYU tells the paper.

Because it seems nothing gets done until the press shames the city, the DOT was unaware that Sony was breaking the law until a reporter told them, as Sony's ads "dated back at least until the winter." Sony says they "received a permit" to put the ads down, but the DOT wasn't buying it and asked the company to "remove all such stickers/decals from all city-owned property forthwith." TAKE THAT, people who invented the MiniDisc. They'll also have to provide the city with proof that the ads are gone. Even if an ad campagin is legal, if it pisses enough people off (see: Mafia Wars money, cheesy Obama ad) it will usually get removed. Plebes rejoice: now when you stroll the sidewalk while hanging your head under the crushing weight of the world, you'll only have your own thoughts to occupy the space below.