The owners of the Sony Building at 550 Madison Avenue were fined $25,000—for failure to maintain the building— after glass panels in its atrium fell during a Saturday night Purim party. Fifteen people suffered minor injuries and workers were seen trying to repair the roof yesterday. According to the NY Times, "ice fell from the 32nd floor of the 37-floor high-rise... striking two three-feet by five-feet glass panels at about midnight." The Daily News says the glass panels then fell 80 feet.

A Sony spokesperson also told the News, "Public safety is our first priority." On its website, the Department of Building has a weather advisory "reminding all property owners to safely remove ice and snow from roofs, overhangs, and awnings. Water from the melting snow that collects on roofs can present a threat to the structural integrity of a building if the accumulated weight becomes too great. In addition, the colder temperatures may lead to icicles that could pose a threat to public safety if not promptly removed."

And one of the party's notable attendees was Jersey Shore breakout star Snooki, who was not injured and well enough to go to the Rockefeller Center skating rink and Dave & Busters in Times Square yesterday.