Bronx native and federal judge Sonia Sotomayor found out she was confirmed to serve on the Supreme Court by watching it in the 8th floor of a Manhattan federal courthouse conference room. The Daily News reports that the cheers started when it was official and she received a phone call, "'Mommy, I have people here,' Sotomayor told her - to laughs in the room. They spoke briefly in Spanish before hanging up, and the misty-eyed Suprema nueva told her friends, 'My mother is so happy she's crying.'" And while celebrating at a party with her close friends, she wanted to know the Yankees' score and said that when she gets a break, "I'm going to go to a Yankee game." And the NY Times examined the pride the Puerto Rican community has taken with Sotomayor's rise, "In New York, many have welcomed the judge’s visibility during a summer when the most celebrated — and reviled — local politicians were two Puerto Rican state senators who brought the state government to a standstill by mounting an abortive coup against their fellow Democrats."