102908floral.jpgFor 84 years, Gregorio's Florist has prospered on Staten Island, taking in up to $700,000 annually. Now it's out of business, and the Gregorio family has been torn apart. According to the Post, matriarch Kathleen Gregorio and two of her children are suing a third sibling, Sam Gregorio, for $3 million. They say that when one brother, Charles Gregorio, left Sam in charge so he could take a vacation, he returned to find the shop empty: The customer lists, floral supplies and even the photographs on the walls were all gone. At first they suspected a robbery, but when "Sam T. Gregorio's Florist, LLC" opened up down the street, they realized it was a ruthless coup d'tulip. They say Sam even rerouted Gregorio's toll-free number to his shop! Lawyers for the family claim the suit stems from "the heartless and underhanded actions of one brother, whose greed-driven, egregious breach of loyalty destroyed the florist business."