You'd think that out of all the people a flasher could expose themselves to, a passing kayaker might be the safest best—unless, of course, that kayaker happens to be an undercover cop. NY freelance TV producer William H. Masters III—son of Masters and Johnson sex researcher William Masters—was allegedly caught dangling his ding dong at two undercover cops who were merely posing as kayakers as part of a sting operation.

According to the Post, the incident occurred nearby on the Pinnebog River near Masters' Michigan family vacation cottage on Saturday. The Huron County sheriff’s office said “a 60-year-old New York City-area man yelled for [the] attention” of two women kayaking by. He was on the shore and “was completely nude and making obscene gestures.” But the kayakers were actually “part of a combined law-enforcement-agency sting operation, working out of a two-person kayak on the river.”

“This sting operation was prompted by many incidents over the years such as yesterday’s,” Sheriff Kelly J. Hanson said in a statement. Masters was released yesterday on $5,000 bond; he's been charged with one count of aggravated indecent exposure. He faces up to two years in jail.