Gothamist hasn't been tallying the covers of the Daily News or Post, but it seems that they like to pull out the ol' file photos of some of NYC's infamous figures to put on the cover from time to time. Take today's Daily News cover that reveals that David "Son of Sam" Berkowitz has a website. Yes, Berkowitz has a website where he writes about everything, from September 11, gay marriage, wanting forgiveness, and prison life. Man, everyone has an opinion these days! Prison officials say that Berkowitz is doing nothing illegal, as he's exercising his First Amendment rights, but the families of this many victims are angry. It's hosted by "Rock Christian Church in San Diego, CA," who write:

We host this page because we truly believe that David is sincerely sorry for the pain he has caused in the past, and that he has truly repented and become a new person in Jesus Christ. We do not worship David Berkowitz or who/what he has become. We worship the God who changed a person like him, and can also change you.

Um, okay, so basically Berkowitz's website is a primitive blog, where he types out journal entries (yes, types) and the Rock Christians post those type written pieces of paper online. Gothamist wonders if prison weblogs are the next untapped area of the Internet that Denton, Calacanis, and the Six Apart crew are working on. Gothamist would suggest they start with one of the crime families, like the Genovese, Bonanno, or Lucchese, to start a blog, if they want to go into crime.

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