If you've ever been woken up at 6 a.m. by the sounds of a low-hovering helicopter, then you know how John Brophy felt yesterday. He woke up to the frustrating sound of a chopper hovering about 100 feet from his apartment on Friday morning—but instead of curling up in a ball under a pile of pillows, he did some detective work on Twitter, found that ABC reporter Dan Rice was the one in the chopper, and asked him nicely if he could fly a bit higher. And he did!

"I went up to my roof and I could see some fire engines on the local 'BQE' freeway - that was what they were filming," Brophy explained on Reddit. "I Twitter searched BQE and he had just tweeted a message about it before he posted that photo." And in case you were concerned that Rice was tweeting-and-choppering, worry not: