Moammer Gadhafi called for the dissolution of the U.N. Security Council and investigations into the murders of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King during an address at the United Nations today, offering bones to both right- and left-wing nuts all over the world.

Mixing good sense in with craziness like all the non compos mentis, Gadhafi also gave a critique of the U.N. and told them to stay out of countries' internal affairs, noting that ancient Romans had the right to grant dictatorial powers to certain men in the event of emergency.

Standing for 90 minutes in front of the General Assembly and rambling with no prepared speech, Gadhafi instead paged through a copy of the U.N. Charter, offering his reflections interspersed with long pauses as he read through the material (see the priceless video).

After noting how much he approved of the preamble, he went on to say: "No one is objecting to the preamble, but everything that came after that is contradiction of the preamble. The preamble says the nations are equal whether they are small or big. Are we equal in permanent seats? No, we're not equals," referring to the fact that the five victors of World War II hold permanent vetos in the Security Council.

He also noted that 65 wars have taken place since the creation of the Security Council, calling it the "terrorism council" and wondering why the entire continent of Africa had no seat on it, reproved U.S. wars in Korea, Vietnam, and Grenada, said Obama was a "son of Africa" and the world would be happy for him to be president forever, condemned Abu Ghraib and the hanging of Saddam Hussein, said "perhaps America will be targeted again, perhaps by a rocket and tons of heads of state will die," and called for global unity in confronting climate change and food shortages. Funny. We've heard people say all of these things at NYC cocktail parties.