2007_1_antiq.jpgBrides hate being disappointed, especially on their wedding day! And Elana Glatt is no different, as she, her new husband and mother-in-law are suing their wedding florist for a number of floral mistakes.

The couple booked Posy Floral Design Studio to outfit the Cipriani space on 42nd Street with flora, including centerpieces of antique/rust hydrangeas, for $27,000. The special hydrangeas are green with maroon tips, which were chosen to fit the wedding colors. Except that the flowers on the wedding day were allegedly pink, thus clashing with "linens, favor boxes, wedding cake and décor"! Per the lawsuit, "The use of predominantly pastel centerpieces had a significant impact on the look of the room and was entirely inconsistent with the vision the plaintiffs had bargained for."

Not only that, apparently some of the sprays were "brown and wilted", flowers were placed in dusty vases and the floral arrangements in the bathrooms were sub-par, as were the flowers in the bridal bouquet ("no different than the roses available from a street vendor"). And the price tag for this pain - the damages the lawsuit is looking for - $400,000.

Florists Stamos and Paula Arakas are upset at the lawsuit. Stamos Arakas told the Times that they warned the couple that it might be difficult to get the flowers, given nature, and before the lawsuit "Ms. Glatt sent him a series of e-mail messages demanding a $4,000 refund." (The florists worked without a contract because they had worked on the bride's sister's wedding with no problems.) And he told the Post that the bride would request expensive flowers, but her future-mother-in-law, who was paying for the flowers, trimmed the orders, "They sent us 200, 250 e-mails changing things up until the last minute. We did everything they wanted."

The groom's brother was married last year at a place where flowers are a big deal - the New York Botanic Garden. And the new Mrs. Glatt knows lawsuits - she specializes in litigation!

Photograph of antique hydrangeas from Fifty Flowers, which says that they are in high demand