The State of the Union Address was given by President Bush last night (text here). Gothamist decided to take a pass on watching, because we were worried about hurting the TVs. As far as we know, adjusting the payroll tax is not what the President wants to do with Social Security - he wants to make sure we work longer. Or something. And our country is confident blah blah blah. And forget about the Democratic response (text): Boring. We can't wait for Howard Dean to give the rebuttal in his signature meltdown style. However, Gothamist will be watching the Daily Show tonight. And how awesome was the Daily Show coverage of Senator John Kerry's Meet the Press appearance, where Kerry garbled his points (transcript)? Sigh.

The NY Times' news analysis says Bush's plan is "bold" and "risky" (yeah, he's a cowboy!). The White House on the SoU. And DCist rounds up various media reaction.