Port Authority Police Department Sgt. John Farrell reportedly earned almost $30,000 extra in 16 days, which is causing some confusion. Inspector Kenneth Honig reportedly signed off on 227 hours of overtime for Farrell, which averages to just over 14 hours of OT a day. Add that to an 8 or 9 hour workday and you have almost 24 straight hours of work for over two weeks. When asked why he approved it, Honig told the Post, "Yeah, I authorized it, but so what? The feds are paying." And their money bucket is bottomless.

The feds were paying because the OT was earned on the weekend of the UN General Assembly. Farrell argued,"It's UN weekend. Dignitaries are flying in and out through the evening. If a plane is supposed to leave at 8 [p.m.], sometimes it leaves at 1 or 1:30 in the morning...and sometimes you have to see things through. And if that means staying till the plane leaves, you stay 'til the plane leaves." However, working until two in the morning still doesn't account for 227 hours of overtime over 16 days. He said he couldn't discuss it, but suggested that if he were actually making $15,000 a week in overtime, he'd be driving something nicer than his 17-year-old truck.

Honig was briefly placed on administrative duty while the Port Authority investigated the situation, but they could find no evidence of criminality. Could it be that Farrell is simply an honest, hardworking American who was doing his duty to protect the world's ruling class? Someone get him a new truck.