Well, it looks like allergy meth season is here at last—thieves have reportedly been stealing thousands of dollars worth of medication from Upper West Side Duane Reades recently, with one individual suspected of swiping $1,400 worth of Allegra. Gustavo Fring lives!

DNAinfo reports that a male in his 20s stole 57 boxes of Allegra from a Duane Reade store at Broadway and West 70th Street on Sunday. The incident occurred at around 8:40 p.m., and cops say the booty totaled about $1,400. If this particular individual does plan to cook meth with the allergy medication, hopefully he grabbed the right box, since only Allegra-D (and not regular Allegra) contains pseudoephedrine. Or perhaps he just has a proclivity for runny noses.

And on Tuesday, cops say two men stole $2,400 worth of medication from a Duane Reade on Columbus Avenue and West 75th Street. This loot included Advil, heartburn medication and blood sugar monitors, along with $200 in Crest White Strips. Crest White Strips DO make your teeth super sensitive, so perhaps mild discomfort is a bad enough fate for the thieves.