Ack! The Daily News says the Chambers Street subway fire earlier this year that brought down A and C train service, as well as damaged the credibility of the NYC Transit, was caused by arson! Transit Authority investigators found that garbage near the equipment room was set ablaze. What made the fire worse was the "temporary plywood structure left by contractors who did work near the signal and relay room." And the fire then spread into the room "via an electrical short circuit." Gothamist wonders if the TA, as well as FDNY and NYPD or whomever is in charge of things, will bring back the theory that a bystander started the fire. All we know is that whoever started the fire isn't an A or C train rider, because the few weeks (not the few years the MTA predicted) the service was out was no fun.

Oh, yeah, and the report says it took the MTA 80 minutes to turn off electricity to and from the signal room after the FDNY asked them to during the fire. And remember when the MTA tried to reassure riders that most signal rooms were fireproof? Let's hope fireproofing is part of the MTA's master-security plan for the subways.