On Christmas Eve, the Times shared a heartwarming video about a Chelsea couple whose mailbox has been mysteriously deluged with children's letters to Santa Claus this year. West 22nd Street residents "Jim and Dylan" have received a whopping 400 letters at their address! Nobody knows why, but there are a few SantaConspiracy theories out there. One Gothamist commenter posits:

They (or the person who lived in their apartment before them) answered an Operation Santa letter once upon a time, and their address has been passed around since then. Three years ago some friends and I answered a handful of Operation Santa letters that we picked up at the Farley post office, and we put my po box address on them as the return address. The following year my po box was receiving Dear Santa letters, and when I went to the Farley post office to pass them along to the actual Operation Santa project the couple on line in front of me was having the *exact* same issue.

Another commenter on City Room speculates that Jim and Dylan may be receiving letters to Santa that low-income parents addressed to the jolly old elf at the Children's Aid Society, located at 105 East 22nd Street. Jim and Dylan's exact address wasn't divulged in the video (they get enough mail, thank you) but it's possible that if they reside at 105 West 22nd, this could be a simple matter of senders writing "west" for "east" on the envelope.

Others wonder if the letters are coming to the couple simply because they live near the Chelsea birthplace of Clement Clarke Moore, the author of The Night Before Christmas. Or maybe Santa's marriage has fallen apart and he's quietly relocated to Chelsea, where he's crashing with Jim and Dylan until he gets his shit together. If so, we should respect his privacy during this exploratory phase of his life. But for future reference, the USPS Operation Santa is open to anyone who'd like to send a gift to a child who wrote to Santa Claus; details are here.