072408taxitv.jpgPhoto courtesy jth10036.

Notice anything unusual about this photo? If you were riding in the back of this cab you might immediately realize – as you reflexively move to liberate yourself from the tyranny of ubiquitous commercial television – that there is actually no way to turn the bloody thing off! The reader who sent us this photo wonders if this is the beginning of a new trend, or at least a stepping stone to the day when all citizens receive frontal lobe TV monitor implants at birth. Or something.

Either way, this is a horrible development, and we've now heard multiple reports from people who have not been able to turn off their taxi TVs. A TLC spokesman is looking into it, but we're assured that "every unit is required to have an off button." So perhaps the screen seen here is just malfunctioning, or maybe cabbies are hacking the TVs to hold our serenity hostage until they get their fuel surcharge – in which case we'll gladly pay them whatever they want. Please just let us turn off Channel 7!