After months (and probably years) of planning, the MTA and Mastercard unveiled the contactless payment system at 30 subway stations along the 6 line - plus two non 6 stations in Queens, you know, where the Citibank building is at Court Square. We saw the sensors back in June, and now the whole test is called "The NYC Subway Trial." Which is kind of unfortunate, because it made us think about how sometimes riding the subway is a trial in and of itself. Those in the program would tap their Citbank Mastercard keychain fobs against the sensor (the rider would pre-purchase rides on their Citbank account). The problem is the fares are per ride (with every 6th ride being free) - there's not "Unlimited Metrocard" feature. And you can't use it on buses. But we'll find out more in the coming months - the trial will last through December 31.

Are you in the program? Mastercard has a website for The NYC Subway Trial with extensive FAQs. And today, Gothamist's unlimited monthly Metrocard that we bought yesterday decided not to work, which means we have to mail it to NYC Transit - and buy a new card in the meantime!

Photograph by Joe Schumacher on Flickr