About three thousand customers are still without power after Thursday's tornados hit Brooklyn and Queens. A Middle Village resident told the Daily News, "I threw out all the food today. Everything in the freezer was getting soft. Are they going to pay us?" she asked. "Are you going to reimburse us for the food I threw out?"

Still, it's progress—there were over 30,000 without power (mostly in Queens) after the storm and then power came back to about half of those customers by Friday evening. Some residents are dealing with the damaged to their homes—one Brooklyn resident told the News, "My bedroom looked like someone had taken a bunch of bushes and threw them. My front door looked like a puddle of mud was slammed on the door. I can't sleep in this house. I could be in a hotel till Monday."

And then there are the car owners: Besides trying to figure out whether the insurance will cover it, some cars have yet to be towed. The AP took a photograph of the SUV smashed by a tree on Fifth Street in Park Slope, which still has a chunk of tree on it (most of the tree was sawn of). Apparently the car was being watched by the owner's friend, who parked it there to fix a nearby building's washer. It's believed that over 2,000 trees were killed in the storm, while hundreds lost branches.