Some judges are now forcing straight couples to get divorced, but at least some have the good sense to know when to call it quits without a court order. Upper East Side residents Sandy and Brenda Frank have only been married for 8 months, but it sounds like more than enough time for both of them. The couple was in court yesterday facing assault charges, after a fight over an insurance bill turned into them throwing glassware at each other.

"You bet I'm divorcing him...He's an angry, angry old man...The man is insane," ex-model Brenda Frank, 57, told the Daily News. Sandy Frank, legendary TV producer of the 1980s game shows "Name That Tune" and "Face the Music" (as well as numerous sci-fi B movies) 81, responded, "I can unconditionally say all of her accusations are scurrilous lies. She has a notorious imagination for things that don't exist or never happened." Still, it could have been a lot worse.