Patricia "Patti" Harris is the First Deputy Mayor of New York City and is "known as Mayor Bloomberg's consigliere and sounding board." So when she was appointed to run Bloomberg's charitable foundation last year—while also still working at City Hall, drawing her $245,000/year salary—numerous news organizations filed Freedom of Information requests for her schedules. Now, over a year later, City Hall has released them, just in time for long Yom Kippur and Columbus Day weekend!

Capital New York's Azi Paybarah writes, "My first attempt to obtain her schedule through a FOIL request in May 2010 was delayed, then ignored. New York Post reporter Annie Karni wrote last week about City Hall 'failing to give any explanation' for not releasing Harris's schedule in response to a FOIL request in January." The NY Times writes, "The Bloomberg administration, which has long resisted disclosing the calendars of its top officials, took over a year to release copies of Ms. Harris’s schedule in response to a Freedom of Information Act request. Although The New York Times requested five years of calendar entries, the Bloomberg administration released only two years’ worth, saying that was all that was ready."

And what was released is very redacted (see sample, via Azi Paybarah, below), but some observations include her many meetings with celebrities (Brad Pitt! Russell Simmons! Edward Norton! Emma Thompson! Bono!), journalists, lawmakers (even former lawmakers, like Bill Clinton) and city officials. Harris has claimed she works 60 hours a week for the city, and 5 hours a week on the Bloomberg Family Foundation.

The Times points out, "The calendar does not offer a hint that she was deeply involved with what happened on Nov. 9 — Mr. Bloomberg’s controversial selection of Cathleen P. Black as schools chancellor." And mayoral press secretary Stu Loeser said, "Most of what we do doesn’t end up on the calendar. The mayor will call her up and say: ‘What’s the morning look like? Can you meet me at Gracie?’ And it wouldn’t necessarily show up in a calendar."