Yesterday, veterans from the New York chapter of Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) marched to Zuccotti Park in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement. We're told that on November 11, Veteran's Day, Occupy Wall Street will march in solidarity with IVAW to Central Park— and one occupier we spoke with today said some protesters are planning to take over the space as their new tent city—with igloos.

Mark Bray, a representative with the Occupy Wall Street Press team, confirms the march and tells us, "We are going to have a march and event or activity in Central Park on November 11." And there is an Occupy Central Park Web site that "cordially and enthusiastically" invites you to "unite and have a good time".

But some of the pseudo-homeless inhabitants at Zuccotti Park intend to make Central Park their new living quarters through the winter. We spoke with a Zuccotti Park occupant, Wes Trexler, who tells us, "There's a massive Veteran's Day veteran march. We're going to join them, and hopefully get 20-30,000 people, and occupy for the weekend. Then, we take Central Park." What could go wrong?

While the prolonged occupancy of Central Park has not been confirmed by the Occupy Wall Street press team, Trexler is insistent on the idea of remaining in Manhattan's back yard. "We're not going to give [Zuccotti Park] up, this is going to be the epicenter for information for the organization," Trexler tells us. "If we fight the cops off for the weekend there could be at least 100,00 people living in Central Park all winter and building igloos once the snow hits." On the other hand, Bray, the Occupy Wall Street spokesman, says, "I have not heard word of igloos."

Still, Trexler is committed to the concept of an igloo "tent" city in Central Park, and insists he's not alone. "Are they gonna stop us from piling up water?" Trexler asks. "Are they gonna stop us from building a 'snowman' in Central Park? I've been putting YouTube videos of how to build an igloo all over every Occupy Web site I can find, and saying 'pray for an early snow'. You'll be warm in your igloo and it takes a bulldozer to knock down an igloo! If you put a hat on top of it you can call it a 'snowman', that can't stop you from piling up water, that's not building! That's not construction! It will come, the first day it snows one person will build and igloo and then there will be igloos all over Central Park."

Where will Trexler and his clan go for the five hours that Central Park is closed?