Yes, Mayor Bloomberg announced his budget plans last week, but Gothamist only got around to picking our three favorite slides now. First slide shows the pie charts that show where New York City's money comes from and where the money goes. Having the budget presention online is a great idea; it would just be better if some of the tiny words and numbers were legible, so Gothamist could know where we're getting our money. The second slide shows serves as a reminder to how Governor Pataki hates us. Okay, maybe not Governor Pataki, but NY State as a whole.

The third slide shows us what Mayor Bloomberg is worried about - that our non-discretionary spending is out of control. He reminds Gothamist of a parent, trying to make a kid understand that our spending can't continue this way. Do parents "deck" their kids these days about budgets, as in using PowerPoint to drill certain lessons into them? Note to self: Put this is sitcom pitch about family.

Mayor Bloomberg's presentation of the budget basically announced that NYC's recession was over, but that we face a tough road ahead because of expenditures are much bigger than our revenues. This, naturally, has people saying these are the worse numbers since 2002. NY1 has a nice analysis of the $47 billion budget, calling out that the Bloomberg used the budget presentation as a re-election tactic, accentuating the positive, glossing over the negative.

Play the NYC Budget Game from Gotham Gazette.