2006_09_stoop.jpgYou might envy the charm of brownstone life, but apparently one pitfall is that the some mail carriers don't like to deliver the mail to them. The NY Sun examines the situation after some Brooklyn residents realized their mail wasn't coming. Mail carriers feel stoops are dangerous especially in winter weather, and lately some residents' mail has been "rained upon, blown away, and destroyed." You'd think the mail would have to be delivered at the house, but:

The U.S. Postal Service wants the ongoing tiffs between brownstone residents and their letter carriers to soon be a thing of the past. The Postal Service is attempting to phase out door delivery in Brooklyn and other cities across the country.

Mr. Gaynor said door delivery service is costly and inefficient. Instead, he said, the Postal Service is pushing for group mailboxes, known as "cluster boxes," that catch the mail for multiple tenants...

...As part of the move to phase out stoop service, when new residents move in to a brownstone they are not guaranteed mail delivery to the top of the stoop, according to a customer service agent at the Postal Service.

Chew on that as you go to your brownstone open houses! This makes Gothamist think of two things: 1) Online bill paying has never sounded better; and 2) Will NYC become like a college campus, with a central mail facility where you pick up your mail and packages?

And do you remember Harvey Kneeslapper on Sesame Street?