2006_01_08_nexttrain.jpgIf you ran the city, what would you do? That's basically what the Times asked a bunch of New Yorkers back in November. The Gray Lady then picked their favorite bits of advice and asked the city what could be done about them. Some of the ideas are plain silly (uhm, a high speed underground moving walkway instead of the the never-going-to-get-built 2nd Avenue Subway?) and some of them are highly controversial (hello, reserved residential parking!) but some of them are actually good ideas. These were our two favorites:

The city has an alternate-side parking calendar online, and also subway and bus maps. It would be great if it could also post online a map of alternateside parking rules by neighborhood. Alternatively, a listing by neighborhood and streets might work. Everyone knows the rules in their own neighborhood, but there’s no way to know the rules at your destination. It would help drivers pick the best day and time for scheduling doctor appointments, package pickups and so on.

Inlay a compass in the sidewalk at the top of every subway stair in Manhattan. This will direct the disoriented to walk in the right direction. I have lived here 71 years and I am still one of the disoriented. Since Manhattan is essentially laid out on the compass points, this would work.

The Times made it sound like the City really liked the second idea but their response to the first one ("It would take hours and hours of manpower to make such a map.") kinda pissed us off. If you were to suggest a low-cost high-impact improvement for the city to implement, what would you do? In the same vein, what did you think of the ones the Times chose?

Illustration by Aaron Meshon for the New York Times.