A Queens man is very angry at some vandals who keep stealing his Trump signs from his yard, so he's offering a $5K reward for information that might lead to the culprits' arrest. Sad! No word on whether he's offering any reward money for information that might lead to Trump having a coherent message for one week of this election season AHHHH DOY YA BEEN FISHZINGED.

Trump supporter and Kew Gardens resident Michael Ricatto, who is originally from (sigh) Florida, told reporters he's had four beloved Trump 2016 signs snatched from his front yard over the last six months. Someone also sprayed "Fuck Trump" on his mailbox. "I feel as if my First Amendment rights have been thwarted," he told NBC News. "I believe I have the right to say what I believe. I believe I have the right to say, 'Listen, I think you should vote for this particular guy.'"

Ricatto, who plans to launch a civil suit against the sign-stealers, does in fact have every right to put Trump signs in his own yard—heck, he could erect a giant nude Trump statue outside his home and give it a special hug anytime he wants! This is what it means to live in America, after all. While it seems like a good deed to keep neighborhood yards devoid of symbols of hate, it is within Ricatto's rights to advertise the fact that he's voting for a bigoted, small-handed, merkin-topped sack of shit.

Indeed, though it is deeply amusing when people steal Trump signs or set them on fire, it only intensifies the Trump gang's thirst for blood. Instead, do what I suggested my grandparents do when their neighbor put a Trump sign in their yard—put up a bigger Hillary sign next to a Sanders sign next to a Planned Parenthood sign next to an ACLU sign.

Anyway, Ricatto's stuck a giant Trump banner over his home now so we've all been punished, thanks vandals.