If you're sitting there wondering if high blood pressure has gotten a hold of you, or if you've been struck by Cupid's flaming arrow of love, you probably haven't—NYC is gripping itself for triple-digit temperatures today. The National Weather Service has issued an "Excessive Heat Warning" for NYC, saying temps may feel as hot as 105 by this afternoon. Oh, and there's also the possibility of power outages amidst the ongoing Con Ed work stoppage. Can't keep from crying indeed:

Con Ed and union Local 1-2 will resume talks today, although there's still a lot of bad blood between the sides: "Con Edison is acting irresponsible," union leaders told NY1. "They really don't care about the citizens of New York. They don't care about the supervisors that work for them. And they sure don't care about the 8,000 members of mine that they've locked out." In the meantime, you can check out all the Con Ed power outages with this handy map.

There are outages in Queens already this morning, and voltage has been reduced by five percent in the southeast Bronx, including Parkchester, Soundview, Pelham Bay and Throgs Neck. Con Ed reduced voltage to Brooklyn earlier this week as a precaution, and that hasn't changed yet.

So our advice: stay inside if you've got air conditioning, enjoy some terrible movies on Netflix. Or if you don't have A/C, it may be the perfect time to check out that Katy Perry movie everyone's raving about. There are also cooling centers, public pools, and fancy stores to visit.

And if the city descends into chaos, you can always strap on a thong and storm the gates of a rent stabilized private pool. Or be like this guy and ride through every open fire hydrant you can: