This week, NYC's millions of public school students returned to class on Wednesday...only to stay at home yesterday and today, due to the Jewish holidays. The one-day school week was ridiculed and even boycotted by some parents. But then there are the parents didn't know their kids didn't have school.

The Daily News staked out schools in Sunset Park and Borough Park, where they found at least three families who brought their kids to school, even though the Department of Education said school announcements were made and translated letters were put in backpacks for parents. One woman told the News, "I thought there was school today. I forgot to check the calendar," while one father said no one told his second-grade student daughter. And, "One family was standing outside PS 169 in Sunset Park, completely bewildered. JzaDong Tang clutched the family's Chinese passports. 'We did not know there was no school,' said XzaoLz Tang, whose sister XzaoQzng, 11, is enrolled at PS 169."

Only 77% of students showed up to school on Wednesday; the News adds, "Fewer than two-thirds of students in school districts covering East New York, Bedford-Stuyvesant and Brownsville showed up."