If there weren't actual photographs, we wouldn't have believed news that the MTA was finally testing the real-time train arrival displays. MTA CEO Eliliot Sander said, "With the introduction of this new system, garbled subway messages are on their way to becoming a thing of the past along the L line and eventually the entire system." Well, expect it in many years for the other parts of the system - the MTA was supposed to put the real-time message boards last July. The MTA is moving towards having trains run automatically and closer together, for more service. Again, we'll believe it when it happens, but the boards are an exciting step back to the 20th century!

Janelle spotted them at her station:

Testing going on at 9am this morning at the Lorimer stop - not sure about any other L stations. My next train was coming in 6 minutes, so I decided to pull out the iPod after all. They were making announcements on the intercom right around the time the train would enter the station, reminding everyone to step back from the platform edge.


And in true MTA fashion, the agency must make sure you know it's not accurate. Janelle writes, "Times were not, in fact, accurate. The train was due in 2 minutes according to the sign, but rolled in as it ticked down to 1 minute." Heh.

Photographs by the real janelle on Flickr