As the redevelopment of Coney Island keeps moving ahead, it's starting to become clear what will be around next summer and what won't. Thor Equities, the developer with 10 acres of Coney Island land, has been letting various tenants know whether their leases are up or if they get to stick around. The NY Post put a positive spin on things, noting that "11 boardwalk businesses would be allowed to remain open at least one more summer" and that the attractions - "including Ruby's Bar and Grill, Cha-Cha's and Shoot the Freak paintball - will be given the opportunity to move into the proposed complex."

The Daily News takes a more dire approach, reporting that eight tenants were given notice, including the Zipper, the Spider, go-carts, batting cages and carny games. "Six tenants are in the Henderson Building on Stillwell Ave., a turn-of-the century structure that once housed a dance hall and hotel. The other two are are along W. 12th St. and Stillwell Ave. Combined, they operate more than a dozen businesses."

Kinetic Carnival spoke to Dick Zigun of Coney Island U.S.A. who said:

"Although this all breaks my heart...it is not unexpected. If tenants are seasonal and do not have leases...and if Thor is the new owner of property then they have a right under the American system of capitalism and private property to do this. If they are going to build something new then we all know they have to demolish what is old and not land-marked. Let us not be naive and admit that this is what is coming to some of old Coney Island whether for summer of 2007 or 2008".

More about Coney Island redvelopment here at the Coney Island Development Corporation and Curbed's been wondering if the new Coney Island will be Glam Rock or Empty Death Rock. And there's more redevelopment afoot as the New York Aquarium in Coney Island is reviewing new designs.

Photograph of Coney Island at night by chinycjo on Flickr