2005_06_cabaret.jpgBut you can dance in your heart, if movies like Strictly Ballroom, Mad Hot Ballroom and the seminal, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, tell us anything! Unfortunately, a judge has dismissed a lawsuit to allow dancing in establishments without special cabaret licenses. The group of dancers which had brought the lawsuit claimed that bars and restaurants that did allow dancing were harder to get into (not mention violated the first amendment that allows people to shake their thang/express themselves). However, Judge Michael Stallman ruled, "The issue is whether the presence of additional people who wish to dance may cause increased noise and congestion in certain places. If these establishments draw more people because they offer dancing, then there is a greater likelihood of pedestrian traffic, increased vehicular traffic and associated noise." Yes, you read it here: Dancing equals traffic and noise (bad!) even if it's a good cardiovascular workout (aren't there studies that say how New Yorkers are fat or something?).

The dancers may appeal the ruling, and Gothamist calls for a dance-a-thon outside City Hall.