As anyone who has seen the documentary Dangerous Minds knows, teaching is pretty difficult. But a few simple guidelines will make getting tenure easier: don't tell your students about your sexual exploits, brandishing a box cutter isn't a good idea, and cut back on the compulsive hugging. The Daily News looks into the more than 20 DOE employees who were disciplined over the last 24 months and they make our 6th grade English teacher's habit of shaving her eyebrows seem normal.

Angel Vazquez, who was fired in January from teaching at PS 117 in Queens, "waved box cutters and lighters," and "spoke about Satan on a daily basis" when his students misbehaved. Later he would say he was "just kidding." Aw, c'mon they probably ROTFLd when Vazquez took out the BCs & JK'd!!!

Richard Van Grover, an instructor at Junior High 157 in Queens told his students about hitting on women in gyms, and boasted that he was writing a book called "How to Meet or Meat Women." He was given a $7,500 fine and now substitutes in other schools in the borough. "I didn't harass anybody," he tells the paper, omitting the fact that his pun deeply violated the English language.

Leroy Biles, who insisted on hugging his students twice a day at A. Phllip Randolph High in Manhattan, was given a reprimand and told to stop the behavior. Despite some students claiming that he'd lower their grades if they refused the hugs, Biles insists that they weren't mandatory. "I could walk cross the stage here and the students would holler like I'm a rock star." Why, he could have been the obscure, fifth member of Led Zeppelin, Kensington Clasp, who insisted on hugging every fan fifteen times while exiting the venue before John Bonham would break a bottle of whiskey over his head.