Last month Raymond Lopez of the Bronx, who has taken to tending to a growing community of chickens in the borough, said the animals needed a more fitting home. Now the Daily News reports that volunteers helped capture the wild chickens near West 169th Street, on a mission to relocate the birds.

While the News reports both that they are being sent upstate and they are being sent to a sanctuary in North Carolina—to clarify, they were to be sent to North Carolina, but have since found a home upstate.

The group was armed with nets and little else, and sent 35 chickens down south (out of around 75). Lopez and his wife, who have been caring for the birds for over 20 years, had been faced with growing food bills, as well as the threat of fines from the city. Yet upon seeing some of the birds leave, Lopez told the paper, "I'm sick over this. It's not easy for me."

No word yet on what will become of the remaining birds—many are roosters, which are loud, aggressive, don't lay eggs and illegal to own in the city.