Ha, among other pitfalls to watch out for when voting today, be sure that the ballot you're given isn't actually filled out already. One tipster tells us, "Just voted at Goddard Riverside @ 88th & Columbus. The first ballot I received already had the ballot initiatives penned in on the back. Check your ballots when voting!" (Unless you're just lazy and appreciate the help.) Who knew voting would be so prone to human error once the machines finally took over?! The wisenheimers at Upright Citizens Brigade seem to have seen it coming:

Electronic Voting ShredderUCBcomedy.com
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And since NYC has finally joined the electronic voting party, perhaps it's worth taking a look back at this infographic from the Washington Post, which suggests "it's easier to rig an electronic voting machine than a Las Vegas slot machine," at least according to University of Pennsylvania visiting professor Steve Freeman.

110210graph.jpg [via The Atlantic]