Yesterday we had to change the credit card number on our Verizon DSL account. When we called, the lady read us our account information, and said we were paying $39/month for 768kb of service. It seemed like we had seen a better price advertised on television, so we asked if that was the best deal they offered. Turns out it's not-- you can get 3000kb of connection bandwidth for $29/month! So for the last year or so, we've been paying an extra $10 for a quarter of the service offered to new customers. They also offer 768kb service for $17.99-- that's less than half the price of what we've been paying.

Nice going, Verizon! Shouldn't these service improvements be rolled out automatically to existing customers? Is it really good for the brand to rip someone off for a year or two? [Fine print: you have to sign up for a year of service to qualify for the deal, but still-- that's $240 the company took from our pockets and we're never getting back! They didn't even offer a credit. Bah!]