While hundreds of voters wrestled with malfunctioning lever voting machines and affidavit ballots, one solitary booth sat alone with its two attendants, waiting for the moment when the only voter registered in the district would come by to cast his ballot. DNAinfo has the sad tale of the Very Lonely Voting Machine, located at a polling station on West 58th Street, reserved for the one man eligible to vote in that district—a man who never showed up because he moved away two years prior.

The district—described as "teeny, teeny, teeny" by one official—is part of a mostly commercial Midtown neighborhood with little by way of residential space. Of the eight registered voters, only the man in question was registered Democrat. According to a doorman, he hasn't even lived there in two years.

The poetry, however, was lost on the workers manning the eternally vacant booth. "It's frustrating, it's ludicrous, to be here for hours," one of the workers told the news site. "I've worked elections where it's been quiet, but never a situation like this."

Sadly, the most famous non-voter in the city could not be found for comment.