Even though it hit the presses nearly three weeks ago that Sgt. Anddy (Angel) Moreno, currently serving in Iraq, had lost his job as a Bx55 driver, it's news to him. Moreno learned just yesterday that he would be returning to America unemployed, and told the Daily News he is "going nuts." "It's not fair," he said. "I'm over here fighting for everyone."

Sgts. Moreno and Alvin Taylor both lost their jobs due to MTA budget cuts, and though federal law guarantees members of the military may return to their civilian jobs, it doesn't protect workers who have lost their jobs to company downsizing or shut downs. Moreno says he doesn't have regular access to the internet, and only learned of his layoff from the Daily News article and e-mails from his sister. He's kinda had his hands full fighting a war, but at least when he rotates back to the World he'll have plenty of spare time to catch up.