The former limousine driver for Knicks big man Eddy Curry is suing his old boss—for sexual harassment. According to the Post, David Kuchinsky accuses Curry of repeatedly coming onto him, telling him things like, "Look at me, Dave, look" and, "Come and touch it, Dave," all while the 6'11" center was nude. Curry said last night, "This is absolutely false... I can't even believe it."

Kuchinsky's lawsuit also says Curry made him perform "humiliating tasks outside the scope of his employment, such as cleaning up and removing dirty towels [into which Curry had ejaculated] so that his wife would not see them," and berated him by calling him a "f---ing Jew," "cracker," "white slave," "white devil" and "grandmaster of the KKK." Curry denied the claims, "Everybody knows that I'm not racist. Never have I made a comment like that. It's incredible." Another claim: That Curry pointed a loaded gun at Kuchinsky twice.

Curry's lawyer called the lawsuit an attempt at extortion, as Kuchinsky is looking for up to $5 million from Curry ($93,000 in back pay, plus compensatory damages). Curry said Kuchinsky had been threatening him since he fired him months ago, "He approached my friends a while back, trying to get money. I just never, ever thought it would go past what it did, which was just idle threats, money-or-else kind of stuff.... I guess this is just a prime example of you just gotta watch who you have around you." The Post notes that Curry's lawyer points out Curry "took a chance" on hiring Kuchinsky who has a "three-year prison sentence for a 1992 burglary in New Jersey."