Don't steal the bunny! A swank SoHo shop is reeling after one of its rabbit mascots was allegedly bunny-napped from its front window Wednesday evening. The owners of Alexander Berardi suspect a couple dressed in cowboy hats, frequent visitors who identified themselves as "artists," for the hare-ible crime.

Miss Cooper, the rabbit in question, is one of two bunnies that Christopher Kulukundis and Anlexander Berardi bring from their apartments to the shop's synthetic-grass filled front window each day (to the delight of passersby and celebrities, like Christy Turlington). According to Kulunkundis, people ask about the them all the time, but this couple were different. They came in regularly and "The man says the same thing every time, 'Every time I'm in the area, I've got to come in and see the bunny,'" he told DNAinfo.

Miss Cooper hopped out of sight Wednesday night about 8:30 p.m. while Kulukundis had his back turned and the cowboy-hat wearing duo were in the store. When he turned back around, all three were gone. The police are investigating the disappearance but in the meantime Cooper's owners hope the thieves will come to their senses and bring the bunny back, as Miss Cooper reportedly has a very strict diet.

Just in case though, Berardi and Kulukundis described the couple "as a man in his 40s who is about 5-foot-9, with dark brown hair and a medium build, and a woman in her 30s who is about 5-foot-11 with light brown hair and a medium build."

As for Jack, the other bunny normally in the window? He's not going back out there for a bit. Too risky.