The stone slab sidewalks between Broome and Mercer streets, part of the SoHo Cast Iron District, could soon be forgotten under a cold, hard layer of cement. And according to the Post, SoHo residents have mixed feelings. So, are these things charming or just a nuisance?

According to a new proposal, the uneven slabs pose a safety hazard to anyone walking down the street, and could mean lawsuits for building owners. But the street's Kate Spade store manager said, "I think they should keep the sidewalk as it is, because that's what makes it historic and unique," but added, "I understand that maybe it's for safety reasons." Kurt Gutenbrunner of the Cafe Kristall also said, "It's like going backwards. I mean, how many streets with these sorts of beautiful histories do we even have left in the city?" Perhaps there will come a day when the city won't have to worry about frivolous lawsuits filed by clumsy walkers, but we're not holding our breath.