2005_07_sohorape.jpgA 74 year-old woman was robbed when a man made his way into her apartment and attempted to rape her. Police say that the suspect followed her to her building near Spring and Thompson Streets yesterday morning, entering through a door that "had been left ajar for ventilation." He started to sexually assault her, but then choked her with a towel until she lost consciousness. And then when she woke up, reports says he made away with her ATM card and code. Police have video footage of him using the ATM card, and describe him as a 35 year-old white man, about 6'1" and 185 pounds, with bushy blond hair. This story is so surprising, because that part of SoHo is pretty busy and active. One man told the Post, "Something like that has never happened here, and I've lived here my whole life. It's a very safe neighborhood and everyone knows each other. I'm going to tell my mother that she has to be more aware when she's out. She probably even knows the woman." Anyone with tips should call 800-577-TIPS; there's a $2,000 reward.

And in other news, a man who tried to molest a little girl in a Queens laundromat (while her mother was nearby) was arrested.