Yesterday morning, a dramatic 3-alarm fire broke out in a seven story building on Thompson Street in Soho. It took 150 firefighters more than two and a half hours to get the blaze under control. And afterwards, one person was taken away in handcuffs...but not for anything having to do with the fire.

A photographer, who has shot for Rolling Stone, Spin and Vogue, was arrested yesterday after police found her 10-pound stash of weed while investigating the fire. Photographer Jennifer Tzar, 44, has taken shots of Ozzy Osbourne, Bruce Springsteen, Snoop Dogg, Juliette Lewis and Hank Williams III among others. Her stash was stuffed into 13 plastic bags and one jar inside the apartment; one police source told the Post that it was "high quality" stuff, with a street value of $500 an ounce, making the whole stash worth an estimated $80,000. Tzar was charged with first-degree criminal possession of marijuana, and an unofficial charge of terrible luck.