Seems that Donald Trump is heading into some real community problems with his attempt to build his 45-story Trump International Hotel & Tower on Spring Street. Though Trump claims he's got proper zoning to build his newest behemoth (the project will be overseen by Trump spawn Don Jr. and Ivanka along with Apprentice 5 winner Sean Yazbeck) local activists say "nuh-uh."

Their complaint goes something like this: Trump is planning on selling the 400 rooms and suites in the new tower to individual buyers who could then, when not using them, rent the rooms out through Trump as hotel rooms. "The fiction here is that people are going to buy these units just to rent them out," said Andrew Berman, executive director of the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation. "The reality is they most likely will be living there year round. And that's just not allowed." The area is, after all, still technically a manufacturing zone.

It certainly does sound like a classic Trump scam to us (the GVSHP calls it a "Trojan Horse Hotel")... "If this gets approved, we're talking about changing the face of real estate in New York," Berman told the Post. "Suddenly, developers could put high-rise residential development in manufacturing districts that aren't equipped for it."

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Donald Trump Billboard from thomashawk's flickr stream.