Short forecast: cool today, warm and wet tomorrow, sunny Sunday.

Long forecast: Ugh, where to begin? A cold front passed through the city early this morning. Cool air is following on it's heels. Today's high in Central Park was 64 degrees at midnight. The sun is valiantly trying to heat things up but it is being overwhelmed by the cool air mass. Look for the mercury to slowly drop to around 50 by late afternoon.

Tomorrow would normally be a cool, dry day behind the front but the remnants of hurricane Rick will be insinuating themselves into our lives. Scooting in ahead of the next cold front means we're in for a warm, windy, rainy Saturday. The high will be in the mid 60s and morning showers will give way to a steady afternoon and evening rain. Some of the afternoon and evening rain will be heavy as the front draws closer. The winds will be quite strong as well, especially on eastern Long Island.

The cold front that sweeps through on Saturday night will bring an absolutely gorgeous Sunday. Look for the weekend to conclude with sunny skies and a high near 60.