The sunny weather we've had for the past couple of days is about to give way to several days of rain. As Gothamist types up this post we see that the local radar shows showers overhead. There's no rain yet reaching the ground, which tells us that whatever rain is to fall this afternoon is likely to be on the light side.

It's kind of a standard December weather system that is responsible for the clouds and rain. Cold air near the ground and a disturbance above are moving over the warm Gulf Stream waters over the Carolinas. The cold air above warm water mix is a good recipe for coastal winter storm formation. In this case the cold isn't cold enough to produce a major storm. Expect rain and rain showers off and on through tomorrow evening.

A succession of cold and warm fronts come our way starting Thursday night. A cold front should clear the skies tomorrow night. An approaching warm front on Friday will bring on the showers once again. Saturday may be a rainy 50 degrees. A cold front on Saturday night is likely to bring us a cool and rainy/snowy Sunday. At this point New Year's Eve is looking clear and cool.

Foggy Woolworth at Night by itsnothatfar on Gothamist Contribute.